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Mecasonic official partner

MECASONIC official partner


Mecasonic Spain and Unserrob have reached a collaboration agreement to offer comprehensive welding solutions in the plastics sector. Thus, Unserrob obtains the title of Official Partner and the consequent training to install and develop special applications with ultrasonic equipment.

For more than 50 years we have been experts in thermoplastic and non-ferrous metal welding for industry thanks to our renowned know-how, unique range of machinery and world-renowned local service.

The satisfaction of our customers has always been our main goal. We can offer you the best solution to any thermoplastic assembly need and that is what led us to develop our range of welding solutions. We are proud to have 6 welding technologies: ultrasonic, rotation, hot air/thermal, hot plate, vibration and laser.

In 2000 we became part of the Crest Ultrasonics Group, the largest privately held company in the ultrasonics industry.